Revenge Must Be Taken Coldly

Revenge Must Be Taken Coldly Manga

Alternative: แค้นนี้ต้องจัดให้ ; 復仇要冷冷端上
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Author(s): Laku Sakura
Genre: Drama , Mystery , Psychological , Tragedy,
Status: Ongoing
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Revenge Must Be Taken Coldly Content

A Taiwanese Webcomic focused on friend taking revenge for her friend.Xiao Yue, who Just moved back to Taiwan, happen to see her best friend, Xiao Nai,  jumped off the building. Once she knows the reason why Xiao Nai‘s suicide, decides to take revenge for her friend.  With no time, she collects all the information of her targets. This is the story of how she takes down the enemy of her friend, one by one.

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