Please Don't Eat Me

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Alternative: 나를 잡아먹지 말아줘
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Author(s): Saha
Genre: Drama , Fantasy , Romance,
Status: Ongoing
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"A bargain for 5 billion marukas.""Sure enough, it's a bargain."'Ertha', who is destined to be eaten alive by the male protagonist bargained marriage with him to change fate!Ertha was reincarnated into a rated 19+ male-oriented fantasy novel.As the original story goes, Ertha was eaten alive by the protagonist Zahid, but I can't die like that because I have my little siblings.I offered a deal to the main character who'd eat me up. I'm the target of the proposal, 5 billion Marukas!All I have to do now is run away before the main character gets a chance to eat me.Can I, Ertha, escape from the hands of Zahid, the greatest wizard in the kingdom?

Please Don't Eat Me chapters

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